Chaos at Kisumu voter listing centre leave one arrested

A man was arrested in Kisumu on Tuesday after a voter registration exercise turned chaotic.Residents said youths violently forced them to register, prompting the arrest by Flying Squad police.

The locals then lit fires and made noisy demands for their friend to be released. They claimed the voter listing at the bus park had been peaceful.

One said they stuck with their agreement during a meeting the previous day, for everyone to have an ID and voters card.The man was taken to Kisumu Central police station but was released after OCS John Thiringi and an ODM official intervened.

Thiringi ended the chaos but asked the people to maintain peace and not interfere with activities at the bus park. The youths put out the fire they had set at the bus park after his call.

“There is need for us to work together to ensure people register as voters,” said the OCS.

Kisumu City Residents Voice chairman Audi Ogada said police should stop interfering with youths mobilizing people to get listen in the exercise that will end on February 14.


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