‘Open-Backed’ Jeans?

ASOS have released these ‘open-backed’ jeans which could see you flashing your BUM CRACK… and shoppers are very confused.

From the front, these ASOS jeans look perfectly normal and wearable.

ASOS Mbele

But shoppers have been left feeling confused by the bizarre design on the back… which risks leaving your skin on full display.

The retailer is flogging the High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans with Open Back online for £38.

They come in a cool charcoal colour and are cinched in with a black belt.

The main detailing is on the back of the jeans, where there’s a crescent-shaped cut-out above the bottom region.

Bizarrely, this is further emphasised by a strip of material that falls above the bum crack area.

Unsurprisingly, customers aren’t convinced that this style will be catching on any time soon.