Pedro read to face his former manager

Manchester City Winger, Pedro, is ready to play for and against his two managers he has worked for when Chelsea face Manchester City on Saturday.

Antonio Conte’s right-wing won 14 trophies with Pep Guardiola at FC Barcelona.

And on his arrival, Pedro flourished under Guardiola, and the two will square off for the first time in the Premier League.

Given his years of study with Guardiola, Pedro knows the challenge that awaits the Blues at the Etihad. He knows that the managers are not only two of the most tactically astute and demanding in the game, but they have both significantly influenced his career.

“Antonio is a good coach, a strong guy with good ideas of football with a strong character. He has a good mentality and has very good ideas,” Pedro told Evening Standard.

“Of course Pep is a very good coach also. He was very important in my career. I want to see him again on Saturday but this will be a difficult game for us.”

Pedro’s speed in 3-4-3 formation allows him to get back alongside N’Golo Kante to disrupt counter-attacks and dispossess the opposition’s midfielders.

His willingness to stick around paid off, and he is firmly loyal to the Blues and Conte.

Pedro came to his manager’s defense the last time there was a dust-up between two of his former bosses.

After Jose Mourinho “privately” criticized Conte’s touchline celebrations, Pedro spoke to Conte’s sportsmanship.

“[Conte] was only cheering on the fans because we had played a great game and he wanted the supporters to sing in order to help us finish the game in the best possible way,” he added.

“I don’t know if Mou [Mourinho] considered it a lack of respect or a provocation but that was not Conte’s intention.”

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