Plastics still choking counties despite ban

Plastic wastes menace is still rampant in Kilifi County despite the ban imposed by the National Environmental Management Authority last year.

It has emerged that there is still massive use of the plastic materials which are then dumped carelessly posing a major environmental hazard.

Kilifi County Chief officer for Environment and natural resources Mariam Mohamed said the situation was alarming and called on the NEMA to take action so as to ensure the ban is fully conmplied with.

Speaking after a clean up at Jacaranda area in Watamu she said local residents still use plastics and leave it in the open.

She said the county government intend to put up litter bins all over the county including the business premises to ensure all the plastic wastes are dumped in a safe place .

“Today we were having a clean up along Jacaranda area and we have seen many plastic wastes, the situation is serious and something has to be done,” she said.

During the clean up organized by Jacaranda beach resort with the county government local restaurants which operate near the tourism resort hotels were found littering wastes behind their facilities.

The Chief officer said there would be acrackdown to deal with those traders who do not maintain hygiene .

She said they would be holding clean ups montly to ensure that the environment is kept clean in the county.

Jacaranda beach Resort Chairman pasquale Tirito said they came up with the idea of cleaning the villages because there were a lot of plastic wastes .

He said the aim was to sensitize the locals on the importance of keeping the environment clean and free from plastic wastes.

Normally he said they used to conduct beach clean ups but decided to go to the community so that they are enlightened.