Poetic Tuesday: It’s So Hard To say Goodbye

I remember him like it was just yesterday,
Invited him to a ceremony he was never invited,
And told him i will let him in,
And when he came,
I never showed up,
And he was locked outside,
I thought he could go crazy,
But he didn’t.
At school,
I was the class prefect,
I made noise with my friends,
Jumped in class with no reason,
But when the teacher came,
I said it was him,
He was caned and sent home,
I thought this would make him run mad on me,
Even break our friendship,
But he didn’t.
During our time in high school,
I made fun of him with my friends,
Just to make him shed tears,
He did,
I thought he could never talk to me again,
Delete our friendship,
But he didn’t.
I laughed at him during break times,
When all of us had a loaf at hand,
And he never had one,
And he sat just next to us,I We pointed stiff at him,
Sometimes he would stoke away,
I thought this would make him hate me forever,
But he just didn’t.
After high school a scholarship turned up,
An opportunity meant for him,
I jumped in and lied he was not interested,
He lost the chance as i took it and flew away,
I thought now this would make him mad,
Ruin our union,
But it just didn’t.
He told me to tell him when i fly away,
I never even remembered him during my time away,
But he kept emailing,
Telling me all is well at home,
I never replied,
Thought he would give up on me,
But he just didn’t.
Now sense has jetted back in me,
I am back home in my country,
Ready to ask him to forgive,
Ready to remind me of all i did to him,
Ready for a big reunion,
To bend low and tell him to let go,
But i found he was already six feet under,
Tears roll with pain in them,
He was found lying lifeless in his room,
And the last message he was writing still unsent,
It read “brother when will you be back home, we miss you so much”
I have sat here where his body was laid to rest,
Hopping maybe i can hear his last,
But tears wash me in great pain,
Hope is someday fate will bring him along,
But now i am forced to say,
Goodbye dear friend,
Till we meet!!!

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Poet: Stylle Mundalo


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