Police 14ft Cattle-Eating Crocodile trapped by polive in Australia

A large cattle-eating crocodile has been trapped by police in the shallow waters of the Australian outback. It took seven men to tie down the 14ft reptile, which has been sent to a breeding programme in Darwin.

Its capture followed reports that a large crocodile had taken hold of cattle near Douglas Daly region.

“It was causing a ruckus and was a danger to people in the area,” Matt Phillips, from Northern Territory Police, told ABC.

Footage shows officers using a cage to trap the reptile in the water before securing it with rope and duct tape as it wriggles around in an attempt to break free.

“It was a bit of an unorthodox extraction from the cage due the situation where it was in a water hole with limited access,” said Remote Sergeant Mark Berry, in the police video.

“He got a little bit away from us, but we ended up getting hold of him.”

The officer said the trap had been left in the water because they had spotted another large crocodile lurking in the water hole “that is still posing a threat to safety”.