Prepare to accept defeat, Mule tells DP after chaotic parliamentary proceedings

Addressing the faithful during a Sunday Mass at St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Isooni in his constituency, the MP said the DP and his followers must learn to accept the will of the people and not promote violent confrontations in the face of defeat.
Drawing reference to the ugly scenes that were witnessed last week during the debate on the controversial political parties Bill, Mule claimed it was Tangatanga affiliated MPs who sparked violence in parliament after the proposed amendment to the law failed to sail through.
“Ruto and his allies must learn to accept defeat and avoid dragging the country into chaos like it happened recently in Parliament,” said the MP.
He said the forthcoming general election should be respected and urged leaders to accept the will of the people.
At the same time, he criticised the DP’s much publicised bottom up slogan, accusing him of failing to deliver in his current capacity.
“For the past eight years, the DP has been the chairman of the economic council of governors and all the CECs in the country but he did nothing to transform the livelihoods of millions of Kenyans in the grassroots. He should therefore stop lecturing us about bottom up,” he said.