The Kisii community was concerned over its members’ treatment in the on-going public service appointments by the Kenya Kwanza government,an unsuccessful candidate in the just concluded polls,James Kenani has claimed.

Kenani’s views add to others expressed recently by some stakeholders from the community on the alleged sidelining in the country’s governance.

Addressing the media at Keumbu, the  ODM politician remarked the local community had a history of inclusivity in the successful national governments terming  the current appointments ‘insignificant’.

He,however ,admitted that the electorate had spoken in the polls and that the President had reasons for acting the way he did.

Kenani observed,the community’s role in the  past  governments  could not be underrated citing its  members’ industry and presence elsewhere in the country and diaspora.

In view of the current government’s position,the politician recommended a meeting for the community’s leaders to craft the way forward.

His sentiments came amid some appointments including Ezekiel Machogu,Cabinet Secretary  Education ministry  and Silvanus Osoro,South Mugirango legislator,  as Parliamentary Chief Whip.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Gusii governance watch, secretary Rachael Otundo, condemned discrimination on appointments of women in county and national government posts, terming it  nepotism amongst leaders.

Otundo claimed that infighting among leaders was the major setback in the community which has left it behind in terms of sharing  the National cake.

Due to supremacy battle among the local leaders the president, William Ruto, has postponed twice in visiting gusii community to discuss on development agendas.