Raila termed opponents of handshake as hypocrites.

ODM leader Raila Odinga has said opponents of the handshake between him and president Uhuru Kenyatta are not sincere. On Sunday Odinga speaking in a Kangari church in Murang’a said the handshake enabled the government of the day to fast-track development projects in the country. He said some people felt as if their positions in the government was taken away after he decided to support the president in uniting the country and creating conducive environment to implement projects. Flagged by a section of legislators, Odinga stressed that a handshake will ensure the country is united even in future and will provide a platform to revive the economy which has been wrecked by the covid-19 pandemic. He promised people from Mount Kenya that if he ascends to power, he will revive economic activities in the region that will create employment and wealth among the locals.

He assured the residents that reforms which were advocated by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will happen in future. Despite BBI being stopped by the court, Odinga promised in future the constitutional amendments will be done saying the changes were good in uniting the country and creating employment. “The BBI was to ensure better representation and equality in distribution of resources, saying currently some areas benefit more due to small population. Other leaders who accompanied Odinga led by Ndarangua MP Jeremiah Kioni urged people from central Kenya to support the opposition chief saying the region is better placed under leadership of Odinga. Kioni said the truth about some leaders must be known saying Raila has never wronged people of Mount Kenya and they can support his presidential bid if he declares to run for the top seat come next year.

The MP said despite the popularity of Raila in Mount Kenya region being low, they will embark on a vigorous campaign and tell people the truth about the ODM leader. Suna East MP Junet Mohammed accused leaders who are openly insulting the head of state saying such leaders cannot be trusted to bring peace and unity in the country. Other leaders who accompanied Odinga included MPs Simba Arati (Dagoretti North), Evenlyne Obara (Kasibul Kabondo), Esther Passaris (Nairobi Woman rep) and Maina Kamanda.