Red Bull Can You Make It? 2024: Students Gear Up For An Epic European Adventure

As the announcement of successful applicants to Red Bull Can You Make It? 2024 approaches, potential student participants are gearing up for an adventure unlike any other.

This global competition challenges teams of three to traverse Europe for seven days, relying solely on Red Bull cans as their currency.


The thrilling adventure is taking place from May 21st to 28th, and the excitement is already building up among potential participants. Teams of three will depart from one of the five starting points in Europe: Milan, Copenhagen, Budapest, Barcelona, or Amsterdam. The destination: Berlin.

USIU Students

Amani, a Kenyan student waiting on a decision on his application, highlights the unique appeal of the challenge: “In my video application, I talked about my diverse experiences with hitchhiking and relying on the kindness of strangers. Red Bull Can You Make It? takes that concept to a whole new level, making even a single can a valuable resource.”

Beyond just trading cans, Amani is excited for the personal growth and cultural immersion the journey offers.

“Meeting new people and exploring new places is what truly excites me. I know I’m going to encounter some fascinating individuals along the way, and that’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.” Amani.

Amani’s optimism and adventurous spirit are precisely the qualities Red Bull seeks in its participants.

When asked about the key ingredients for a successful team, he emphasizes the human element: “The ability to interact with different types of people, being outgoing, and maintaining a positive attitude – these are the qualities that will make a team truly unstoppable.”

With just a few days left to announce the successful applications, Red Bull encourages more students who dream of an unforgettable adventure to step outside their comfort zones and embrace such challenges in the future.

Redbull Can You Make It 2024.