Reprieve For Elachi As Court Prolongs Orders Barring MCAs from Impeaching Her

By Victor Nabiswa

The Employment and Labour Relations Court on Tuesday extended the conservatory orders barring MCAs from impeaching the Nairobi county assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi.

While pronouncing her ruling Justice Stephen Radido reinstating Elachi at her current position until 14th September when the case will be heard.

Elachi is reported to have rushed to court seeking conservatory orders prohibiting the Members of the County Assembly from removing her from office.

The Court has also barred the County Assembly Service Board from interfering with the execution of petitioner duties as the Nairobi County Assembly Speaker.

The Nairobi county assembly through their lawyer Professor Tom Ojienda argued that the MCAs were within their right to impeach the Ms Elachi. But her lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui on his side told the court that the MCAs acted unlawfully while impeaching her.

The speaker maintains that her ouster was unlawfully since the MCA’s amended sections of the standing orders to make sure the process of impeaching her is conducted within a day.

Elachi’s ouster from office come into reality last week when members of the Nairobi County Assembly voted unanimously for her removal citing gross misconduct and abuse of office.

“Her actions and omissions have caused embarrassment and brought the office of the speaker into disrepute, this assembly resolves to sanction,” read a motion filed by Waithaka MCA Antony Kiragu.

Despite the conservatory order, On Monday irate MCAs stormed Elachi’s county hall office in a bid to eject the speaker blaming her of imposing herself even after they passed a motion of no confidence against her last week.

The angered representatives made their way into the office where Elachi was holding an interview with a local station shouting “Elachi Must Go!”

The commotion by the MCAs almost resulted to blows as Elachi had stood her ground though some of her workers panicked and watched in fear.