Ruling adjourned for man accused of impregnating class 3 pupil after ‘DNA samples got spoiled’

A Garissa court today adjourned for the second time the ruling of a case where a 25 year man from Madogo, Tana River County is charged with defiling and impregnating a class 3 pupil ‘after the DNA samples got spoiled’.

The case was adjourned last week after the minor disappeared from home on the eve of the ruling. The magistrate ordered officers at Madogo police station to produce the minor today

Garissa Chief Magistrate cosmos Maundu ordered that accused Musa Mohamed to be escorted Garissa Referral hospital for his blood sample to be taken together with that of the baby.

The magistrate ordered the parties involved to appear before him on Wednesday so that the he would give new judgment date.

According to state prosecutor Edwin Balongo the DNA samples were not properly stored and got spoiled in the process. He requested the court to allow for the blood samples to be taken afresh.

“We would like to request the court to allow us to take the accused back to the hospital for blood samples to be taken again,” Balongo told the court.

The accused however protested the repeat of the DNA samples test saying the case has taken too long.

“I would like the court to consider my plight since i have been in remand for too long and this new development is like starting the case again,” he told the court.

The girl, 13, at Life Frontier School got pregnant May 5, 2016 and delivered a baby girl early 2017 through a caesarian section. The minor was readmitted by the school administration this year.

The bright girl from a poor family background had gotten a Korean sponsor who is willing to educate her to whatever level.

The case which was to have been ruled last week was postponed to today after the minor disappeared after she was‘ misled by the relative of the accused to skip the court proceedings in the last sitting’.

She resurfaced the next day but was presented to the police at Madogo station who were ordered by the magistrate to produce her today.

The minor testified at the court chambers. Both her Father Ali Koliso and her mother were present.