Secrets of crying

Studies have revealed that a little weep when stressed or upset tend to be healthier than bottling it up and keeping a stiff upper lip.

Crying improves the mood of 88.8% of people and it can also help with healing, boosting immunity and reducing levels of anger and stress.

Crying gives better feeling since one gets rid of the stress inducer thus removing chemicals that build up ­during emotional stress.This is because unalleviated stress can increase risk of heart attack and damage certain ­areas of our brain thus the human ability to cry has a survival value.

Emotional tears especially when one is unhappy rather than in pain  contain higher levels of ­manganese  that helps with lowering bad cholesterol levels and potassium helps control high blood pressure.

Emotional tears also ­contain a hormone called prolactin, which helps ­reduce stressful feelings and boosts the immune system.

Cry makes our breathing to ­deepen helping in lowering stress levels.Deep breathing reduces cortisol production and lowers stress levels.

Women have more prolactin than men and levels rise during ­pregnancy, which may be one reason why women cry more than men.

When our bodies feel under attack from a stressful situation, we tend to take short, shallow breaths, which makes the body pump out the stress hormone cortisol and heightens feelings of anxiety.