State rolls out training of youth to deep sea fishing

The State Department of Blue Economy and Fisheries yesterday flagged off nine students going for deep sea training.

Speaking to the media during the ceremony, Principal Secretary Besty Muthoni said that the students have been trained in five elements in various institutions. Muthoni said the students will be able to do fishing, and work in the fishing vessels, among other activities done deep sea.

“One of the objectives of the plan is to create jobs, and as a state department our target is to create employment opportunities through training of 1000 fishing crew per year,” she said.

The PS noted that so far, 610 students have been trained and 538 having done the fishing steps that are required in various colleges in the country.

Muthoni added that the nine students will be taken through ten ten-day training on deep sea fishing and after completion the government will be able to generate employment opportunities for them through various fishing crews both locally and abroad.

The PS said the state department is also working to ensure that they provide fishing vessels to go deep sea for local fishermen with plans put in place to ensure implementation.

“Currently we have procured three boats in various counties within the Coast region with intention to equip them so that we empower our fishermen,” said Muthoni.

She further noted that the government is keen to counter illegal and unregulated fishing thus the reason to have a vessel monitoring system at the Maritime Safety Center (MAC) and working in collaboration with Kenya Coast Guard to monitor our marine resources.

She said they have also received a patrol boat which will help them understand the challenges the sector is facing and mitigate them.

National Assembly Chairman for Blue Economy and Irrigation Committee David Bowen said it is important to invest in capacity building of young people for the growth of the sector, while ensuring there are enough resources to achieve their targets.

“We want to make sure that any other sector like the Kenya Marine and Fisheries is well funded so that they can help and tackle the resources,” he added.