Tears as family buries kin wiped out in car accident in Ruiru

Imagine bidding goodbye to your granddaughter in July and hardly in a span of a few weeks having to bury your son, his wife and your other grandson.

Zipporah Muthoni Kimani 51, her husband Peter Kimani 58 and son David Gikonyo 28, were laid to rest at Gatong’ora village in Ruiru in a highly emotional ceremony where friends and relatives cried uncontrollably.

The family perished in a tragic road accident on 30th August on their way to attend a friend’s funeral in Molo when they met their deaths at Kinungi, only seven weeks after their daughter Grace Wambui died after a short illness.

The accident involved an oncoming vehicle which was trying to overtake when the driver noticed another car and to avoid hitting it, the driver veered and rammed into the deceased car, forcing it off the road.

The family could not fathom how soon they had to bury the three who they eulogized as united, caring, loving and dedicated to nation building.

Leaders who attended the funeral among them nominated senator Isaac Mwaura and Senate Chairman on Roads and transport committee Kimani Wamatangi castigated National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) over laxity on Kenyan roads.

Wamatangi called on the authority to consider expanding Nairobi-Nakuru highway and install protective guardrails to save lives.

“The way our traffic police officers are road rules enforcers are enforcing road safety rules especially at Kinungi area in terms of overtaking, over speeding and faulting other road rules is wanting. We need to relook at the safety of that road, if it’s expanding or installing guardrails,” said Wamatangi.

He said that most on the challenges the nation was facing was people doing the wrong things with enough knowledge of how the rightful should be done.

“If the right thing had been done, the lives of these people would have been saved,” he said.

Mwaura on his part urged NTSA to conduct their work properly. “The norm of people over speeding their vehicles killing innocent people, you have slept on your job. NTSA has slept on your job. Follow speed limits to save lives,” he said.