Ten craziest means of transportation

These vehicles, though they look unusual, they deserve attention since they can be used for locomotive purpose from home to work, for fun and vice versa.

Double round skate

Unlike conventional skate, double round model allows you to freely manage your feet, turn and spin. At the heart of skateboarding are two wheels with a diameter of 25 cm and a comfortable platform for the feet. It allows you to manage your feet, turn and spin. Has two wheels with diameter of 20 centimeters.


It is not currently available for consumers yet. Despite the fact that the world has already created quite a lot of working and effective copies available, jetpacks haven’t been received for sale yet. New Zealand Company Martin Aircraft promises to fix it in the first quarter of 2017, when the first production of jet-packs will be delivered to their owners.


It enables levitating an inch above the ground skate. Hendo has four disk-shaped motor that create a magnetic field, repelling skate from the ground, or rather, from a non-ferromagnetic material, over which it hovers.

One wheel electric

It can accelerate up to 19 Km/hr – One-wheel skate is self-balancing unicycle electo-mechanical skateboard. In simple terms it’s a new toy for adult’s boys and girls.

Suitcase scooter

In China, a convenient way to transport luggage has appeared. It can bring not only your suitcase, but you as well. Suitcase Scooter can carry up two people, it accelerates to 19 km/h, and it passes through 59 km with a full battery. This scooter luggage weighs only 7 kg.

Half bike

Riding Half Bike is a combination of running and cycling, because you are in a standing position, and the bike is better responds to the movements and turns of your body. More agility, more fun, and looks of surprised passers-by.

Air bike Aero x

Bike Aero-X is cooler than quad and suv scooter – with it it’s doesn’t matter what is under your feet – the road beneath you, or impassable quagmire. Bike has a rotary engine with two screws and it’s responds to movement of the body as an ordinary motorcycle, and flies at a speed of 70 km/h. Aero-X carries the dream of flying, and flying without licenses. It costs $85,000.


It is also a Self-balancing electric scooter with two wheels located on both sides of the driver. Scooter Segway makes its wearer from the normal pedestrian in a more “advanced” road user, allowing him or her to move faster, farther and with less force. Segway has a top speed of about 20 km/h, and the battery provides up to 39 km mileage.


Segway opened flow developments in the field of devices for personal mobility, some designs are quite crazy. Aeyo is a cross between a scooter, a bike and a pair of roller skates, which falls in the middle of the scale.

One wheel scooter

It’s self-balancing scooter from air-wheel and weighs only 9.8 kg, has a convenient handle and folding footrest. Scooter takes up no more space than a conventional suitcase, it can reach speeds to 16 km/h and charges in 80 minutes.