“The Courts Allowed Merchants of Death to Sell Poison to our Children,” Gachagua

By Lauryne Akoth

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua attended the funeral service of the 17 victims who passed away due to illicit brew, in the company of his wife Pastor Dorcas Rigathi.

Addressing the attendees, he said, “The weakest link in the fight against illicit brew is the courts of law followed by the National Police Service and the National Government administration.”

Expressing his disappointment with the courts, he stated that the courts continue to give court orders to, “allow merchants of death to sell poison to our children.”

He appealed to Chief Justice Martha Koome to speak with the judges and magistrates to prevent deaths in the country by declining to issue court orders to Proprietors selling illicit brew.

“The National Government has taken decisive action and what is remaining is the national government to do their work,” he said. He reiterated that when the deaths occurred, the national government recalled the entire county security team to Nairobi for investigation and disciplinary action, particularly for omission and Commission.

He also assured the public that action would be taken against the police officers who stole the illicit brew from Kiamaciri police station which was stored as an exhibit.

He noted that all police officers from Kangai police station and Kiamaciri police station had been sacked.

He also reiterated that gone are the days of transferring incompetent police officers from one station to another as that is akin to transferring a problem, and such officers will be terminated.

He announced that Governor Waiguru had the backing of the National government and County security team to reinforce the new measures to shut down all bars in Kirinyaga, and have the licenses vetted afresh.

He reaffirmed that police officers are not allowed to run bars due to a clear conflict of interest. He urged the regional commissioner to convene a meeting with all chiefs and assistant chiefs to assess their performance next week.

He mentioned that both he and the Interior and National Administration Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki,  would attend the meeting scheduled for Thursday.

“It is not going to be business as Usual. Heads will roll and we must have casualties both in Kirinyaga and on the Government’s side through sacking so that we have an even playing field.”

The Deputy President noted that government officials were also aiding and abetting the sale of illicit alcohol and it would not be fair to fire individuals from one party and leave out the other.

All eyes are on Kirinyaga as the government has taken affirmative action. Earlier in the week, CS Kithure Kindiki termed John Muriithi, the proprietor of the illegal alcohol as a repeat offender noting that he had been arrested sixteen times.

“ We intend to charge  Mr Muriithi with the most serious crimes ever in our statutes. The murder of so many people is not a small matter and therefore, we are not looking at routine charges. This fellow will never know freedom again” said the cabinet secretary.