Thieves plunder churches in Embu County

By Justus Ndambiri

Over the past few weeks, churches in Embu have gone through what can only be referred to as a most gruesome experience following a chain of unfortunate happenings. Thugs, burglars, call them whatever you will have been raidng churches and making away with property worth millions of shillings. The latest being an incident that occurred in St. Peter’s ACK Ruganga parish in Embu North Sub-County. The church members were in utter shock and disbelief after thugs broke into the church and stole Bibles, foodstuff and electronics worth thousands of shillings on Monday night. They also destroyed a section of the church used by priests.

Two microphones, a sound amplifier, and two public address speakers were some of the things that the thieves stole. The church minister in-charge, Reverend Joseph Kiragu Kangondu says he learnt about the incident Tuesday morning, when he arrived at the church compound.

Nembure Sub-Location Assistant Chief Joseph, Nyaga Njiru, affirmed the horrible occurrence and later advised the church to hire security guards so as to avoid such instances in future. Churches in Manyatta, Kirigi, Kiriari and Kianjokoma Sub-Counties within Embu County, among others have been robbed in such a manner and property worth millions of shillings taken from them.