Thieves vandalize transformers in Kilifi

Criminals have vandalised two transformers at Kari Company estate in Mtwapa, Kilifi County, leaving the residence in total blackout.

According to the Kenya Power Coast region Chief Security Officer Mohammed Mmaka, the two transformers were vandalised on Monday morning.

“They switched off the lights in some parts of the estate, brought down the transformer and removed the copper windings. What is remaining are the shells,” said Mr Mmaka.

As a result of the Vandalism, some sections at Kai estate lack power with the power company incurring up to one million loss.

“We have leads which we are following closely while collaborating with the police. The culprits will soon be arrested,” he insisted.

The reason behind vandalism has been said as to sell the copper wires to scrap metal dealers who then later export them to China and other countries.

“We had won the fight against vandalism, but it seems the criminals have shifted base from upcountry to this region.
“This is the first incident we have witnessed in this region, a clear indication that these criminals do not come from this region,” he added

Among other things that criminal have been stealing in the past include transformer grid, and oil that has been claimed to have been used to cook fries, commonly known as fries or chips mwitu.