Thousands displaced in South Sudan, fighters cease fire

Around 36,000 people have been displaced as a result of the fighting that began in South Sudanese capital Juba in recent days, according to the UN refugee agency.

The UNHCR representatives during news briefing in Geneva on Tuesday, called on armed parties to protect civilians and demanded neighbouring countries keep their borders open for people fleeing from the violence.

“Inside South Sudan, some 7,000 internally displaced people have sought shelter in the UN’s bases in Juba,” said spokesman Leo Dobbs.

“Providing them with food, shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation facilities will remain a critical challenge so long as the security situation remains bad.”

The agency noted that security at the Uganda-South Sudan crossing had been tightened, restricting the number of individuals crossing to seek asylum.

“Just 95 people crossed on Saturday, dropping to 36 on Sunday, compared with a daily average of 167 for July and 171 for June,” said Dobbs.

“Those that have managed to cross have reported indiscriminate attacks against civilians, with buses from Juba to the Uganda border being stopped and robbed.”



A ceasefire order was announced by Kiir on Monday and was quickly reciprocated by Machar.


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