Three families wiped out in Kericho crash

A number of families from Bungoma,Vihiga Kakamega and Busia  counties in Western Kenya are mourning their loved ones who perished in the fort Ternan accident that claimed the lives of 56 people

The accident consumed at least three families who were on their way to attend funeral ceremonies in their rural homes.

In Navakholo Constituency in Kakmega County Roston Munala’s family who perished alongside his wife their two children and a nephew are mourning. Munala’s family was completely wiped out through the accident that has left countless families in grief.

Munala was heading home to attend his grandmother’s funeral slated for Saturday on the fateful night.

In Navangala Village of Shinyalu Constituency, the situation is similar. The accident equally took away the lives of Caleb Mambele, his wife Lucky Kemunto and their five year old only son, Zedekia Ambani.

Caleb and his family had boarded the ‘Home boyz’ bus with the intention of attending his uncles’ funeral in the village over the weekend.

Several kilometers away, in Mukingu Village, Sabatia Constituency in Vihiga County, Masurunza Buhashu’s family is in deep grief. Masurunza died alongside his two children in the fatal accident