Tourism players open doors for public to enjoy luxurious facilities

Tourism Players in Malindi have opened doors for public to enjoy the luxurious facilities that were normally perceived to be for foreigners or the rich.
Currently residents have opportunities to enjoy the facilities at reasonable rates regardless of their religion or financial capabilities.
Traditionally tourism resorts were dominated by foreigners who travelled all the way from Italy, Germany and UK for the holidays.
Locals used to distance themselves from the facilities for fear of prices and even feeling of not being welcomed due to the costs.
Many residents could only see the resorts while walking along the beach and did not have a sense of belonging.
Due to the drop in numbers of foreign tourists hoteliers embarked on diversification programme that came up with special packages for the locals by promoting domestic market.
Currently Malindi residents are able to go to the resorts to have fun and enjoy the same facilities which seemed to be meant for foreigners.
This has proved successful and right now the local community is beginning to have confidence in organizing events like weddings, religious ceremonies, and dinner among other activities for fun within the resort town.
Last night hundreds of Asian community members for example held their annual Diwali celebrations and were treated to a colorful dinner with live band right at the beach.
The Diwali night was held at Plan hotel international who organized a special dinner mixed with the general one for other guests which enabled the ‘local tourists’ to interact with the others and have fun.
Later they were treated to a beach party up to late in the night which gave them a chance to enjoy and dance their favorite music.
Coincidentally Kenyan Celebrities among them the famous Akothe and Artist Victoria Kimani were also on holiday at the same resort hotel.
Some of the local guests posed for photos with the celebrities who had tight security men wearing black suits.
Dr. Rakesh Rajpal an Asian medical practitioner based in Malindi for over three decades said it was the first time to witness a tourist resort opening gates for locals.
He said the Diwali celebrations which were a special day for the Asian community gave them a chance to have dinner and make merry at the Sandies tropical village.
“Tropical sandiest village has invited local people to come and celebrate the religious and festive event here, it was very nice we had very good time here we are grateful for Sandies hotel to host us here,’’ he said.
He said the idea should be an eye opener to other resorts to not only welcome foreigners but include local residents to enjoy the facilities.
In the previous years’ he said hotels locked down at what local persons spent.
“Nowadays the local people can spend even more than what a foreigner would spend, a foreigner could only buy one soda and spend the whole day beside the pool,’’ he said.
Plan international hotels Chef Nathoo Ayaz who organized the event said it was a special day to host the Asian community to celebrate the Diwali.
“It’s an occasion of life color, good tidings it works better by bringing the community together,’’ he said.
The aim he said was to bring people together from different backgrounds and help in reviving the tourism sector.