Traders calls for proper drainage system to avert more floods

Garissa town traders have appealed to the county government to move with speed and establish a proper drainage system to help solve the flooding menace that has been experienced in every rain season.

Last weekend, after a heavy downpour, the town was flooded with water leading to big losses for traders whose goods were washed away or corrupted by water derailing their efforts to make their living.

The residents further want the roads and transport department at the county to expand the roads in the CBD and construct bigger culverts that will allow water to flow into the nearby River Tana without flooding into business premises and streets.

“There is always flooding everywhere when it rains in this town. We want the county government to expand the roads within town and clear the drainage tunnels so that the water can flow smoothly without affecting us,” said Bashir Ahmed, a trader within the town.

“Some schools and shops were flooded and even the floods are a danger to people because some may drown especially because the tunnels along the roads can’t be seen when there is floods,” he added.

Speaking to the press, Martin Elkudi, another trader, said that poor garbage disposal within the town is also another challenge leading to flooding especially when the drainage tunnels are blocked by garbage preventing water flow.

“We are asking the county government to conduct frequent garbage collection in the town and also look into the water tunnels and unblock them every few days so that we can end this problem for once,” Elkudi said.

“I also want to ask the residents to be responsible, especially on dumping of garbage. It is not good even for our own health,” he added.

Speaking at the CBD during an assessment visit, county assembly committee on Roads, transport and public works chairperson Abdirahman Borr said that they are working on recommendations to the CEC in charge of roads for a quick action before another downpour.

“We have seen a pathetic situation where the culverts have been destroyed by floods and some traders have encroached on the water paths. People have lost a lot of money with just one rain, we need a prudent action before another rainfall,” Borr said.

Nanigi MCA Abdullahi Ibrahim who is also a member of the committee said that they will be working with the urban roads department to see if the roads within the town can be expanded and have a more expanded drainage system as well.

“The drainage system is not very good as of now. It needs to be expanded, cleaned and maintained. We will make these recommendations and table a report at the assembly so that action can be taken,” Ibrahim said.