‘Uhuru Park will be free of charge,’ Sakaja

By Lauryne Akoth

Governor Sakaja has assured Nairobi residents that no charges shall be imposed upon entry to the newly renovated Uhuru Park.

Speaking at the State of the County address, Sakaja noted that the renovation of Uhuru Park and Central Park is complete. “Ladies and gentlemen, Uhuru Park’s renovation is complete, and Uhuru Park will be available to the public free of charge. ”

Uhuru and Central Parks - Great Runs

He revealed that he received proposals to charge Nairobi residents an entry fee but he declined. ” Earlier, there were proposals to charge Nairobians to use Uhuru Park. Remembering the number of times that jobless people would go there at lunchtime to eat an air burger as you listen to a pastor, lie on the grass as you think about your problems, would not allow me to charge a shilling on Kenyans who want to use Uhuru Park” indicated the county boss.

He however revealed that they will put in a management system that will ensure the security of Nairobi residents in the park.

” We have put in place a management system from the gate, that when you come in you will be able to leave your ID, for us to make sure there is security to know who has come in there so that we don’t have the wrong people lazing around in that place, creating insecurity,” said Sakaja.

He also assured residents of their security in the park by having a special security team from the Inspectorate and the National Police Service man the place 24/7.

Sakaja disclosed that Central Park will implement a small cover charge, attributed to designated areas within the park such as the amphitheatre and the Nyatiti water feature, which serve as venues for weddings, an outdoor library, and ample seating areas.

File:Central park Nairobi - Nyayo Monument (2110403386).jpg - Wikimedia Commons


He emphasized that the full-scale renovation done in Uhuru Park was the first of its kind. He invited families in Nairobi to visit Uhuru Park, however, he urged them to handle the amenities with care.