USIU to protest over attempted land grabbing

The United State International University-Africa said that on Wednesday it will proceed and hold a peaceful demonstration.

The demonstration will be meant to to protest against attempts by a private developer to grab its land in Muthaiga. Vice Chancellor Paul Tiyambe Zeleza said the demonstration will start at 10am.

According to Prof Zeleza the decision to hold the demonstration was arrived at after the management board held a meeting with police at Muthaiga and Kasarani Police stations.

“In the meantime, we have instructed external counsel to expeditiously pursue all the legal avenues available to secure the university’s interests,” said Prof Zeleza in a statement.

He said on June 29, the management board received information that unauthorized persons were frequenting the land that is owned the University (L.R. NO. 12597/2) and which is located in Muthaiga North next to Balozi Estate purporting that they were the owners.

“A formal complaint was lodged at Kasarani Police Station on the same day (OB No 39/29/6/2016). We also beefed up security by posting guards during the day and at night, and we partnered with Kasarani Police to increase patrols,” explained Prof Zeleza.

Prof Zeleza said on Saturday, July 9 at 3am a large group of armed people invaded the property and pulled down the university’s demarcations and notices.