USL order for immediate, unconditional release of Ms Doreen Biira

Uganda law society has ordered forimmediate release of Ms Doreen Biira who was arrested among reportes and journalists.

Expressing their anger, the ULS condemned the killing of Ugandans on both sides of the conflict.

The attacke led to necessary destruction of property in Kasese, which ressurects the momeries preamble to the Constititution of the Republic of Uganda.

Ms Doreen was arrested by Uganda police after she covered the war, exposing the pictures of the deadly attack.

ULS assured that through its Human Rights and Strategic Litigation Committeee is on the ground following up the matter and they will not relent until justice is granted.

Through an official statement, ULS demanded that commission of inquiry involving both sides of the conflict, the International Community and Human Rights players as obsevers be set up to investigate the cause of the conflict.

Among other demands, ULS demand peace with both sides advised to immediately cease fire, and also the arrested persons after covering the fight be realeased immediately and uncondtitionally.

Ms Doreen together with journalists were detained at Kasese Police Station.

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