Wananchi at their wits end ahead of the Budget

By Mercy Imali

Kenyans are gnashing their teeth ahead of Treasury’s unveiling of the Budget. Treasury is pinching even harder with the taxation of key commodities. Inflation is now the new reality for the mwananchi.

Any marginal increase in VAT on basic commodities could hit the already struggling Kenyans after the Treasury set a revenue target of KSH 2.2 trillion, up from KSH 1.9 trillion.

This year’s KSH 3.02 trillion budget is a 4.2 per cent reduction compared to last year’s. The budget estimates set the national government expenditure ceiling at 1.8 trillion with Parliament budget capped at KSH 43.8 billion.

14.6 per cent of Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich budget will fund President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four projects.