What do you know about pimple?

The small hard inflamed spot on the skin on any part of your body is what is known as pimple. There is major great difference between swelling, boil blister and of other related pimple-like inflammation on the skin.

Pimples usually appear on different parts of the body. But they don’t do so haphazardly. There is specific reason why they do appear there hence you can read or learn much about your body health from the pimples.

For example, human face is divisible into six different zones. Each of those zones gives you an insight into your health state.


When you happen to have pimples on your cheeks, then either of the following two things led to that. One of them is a dirty mobile phone. To avoid this you should have your phone cleaned with antiseptic wipes at least four times a month. The second reason could be as a result of problems with your respiratory system which could be catalyzed by pollution, smoking or passive smoking.

2.The forehead and nose

When you happen to have the pimples on the above mentioned zones then you need to recheck on your stress level, sleeping hours and digestive problems.  Insomnia is also said to be a cause for pimple at this zone.

You should indeed learn to have control on your stress, at least sleep for six hours a day – recommended sleeping hours are eight.

If you are constipated or suffer indigestion or liver problems you may break out in this area.


This is the contour of the lower edge of a person’s jaw. When there is breakout at this area you should worry less. Pimples found here are associated with hormonal and usually occur just before or during your periods (for ladies).

To correct this, the best approach is speaking to your doctor about hormonal balancing.

4.Between your eyebrows

Digestive system and poor circulation are associated with pimples found at this place. If you are allergic or intolerant to given foodstuffs, this may appear as rashes breakouts in this area. It is also good to avoid unhealthy foods such as junk food and sweets for they may play a major role in the breakout.

It is therefore advisable to take balanced diet in order to have your skin smooth and well taken care of.

5.Above the forehead

Breakouts in this area will give you an insight on your immune system. If you start breaking out in this area, it could be an indication that you’re coming down with a cold or other illness. Clear your skin by boosting your immunity

6.Ears or close to the ears.

This area is related to your kidneys, therefore, increase your water intake and avoid excessive alcohol, salt and caffeine. Face mapping helps you understand the causes of breakouts, however, remember that other factors such as genetics, the environment, medication, and lifestyle, may all play a role. If your breakouts persist, seek medical attention.