Woman at centre of multiple murders was a ‘husband batterer’

By Mercy Imali

The husband of the woman who committed multiple murders had complained to friends and colleagues on many occasions about his wife, Joyce Wanjiru, 32. Wanjiru slashed her husband, Mr. Gitau before strangling her two children and then hanging herself.  He had said she was giving him sleepless nights and that the marriage had reached a breaking point.

On several occasions, Mr Gitau confided in his friend Paul Ndung’u how his wife was severely battering him. All through the battery, he never once missed going to work.

However, on Tuesday he did not turn up, Mr Ndung’u immediately suspected something was amiss.

“His phone was not going through and his wife’s phone was not being answered,” he said. It is then he went to look for him at his house that he literally found himself in hell.

Lying on the bed was Gitau’s body which had a deep cut on the neck and several stab wounds.

The eldest of the two children, a girl aged seven, lay on a sofa seat with a cloth over her head. Her brother, aged two years had suffered a similar fate.

And just next to the door to the house was Mrs Wanjiru’s body, hanging from a rope attached to the roof.

“Joseph had accused his wife of cheating on him a couple of times. They were often wrangling and the wife would end up beating him. He would never fight back,” said a neighbour.

At one point, recently, the couple is said to have opted to present their issues to the chief but the man opted out at the last minute out of fear that their issues would be made public.