Woman crash in glass table while having some ‘good’ time with a man

A woman is reported to have been seriously injured in Bangkok, Thailand while in a Motel where they had booked with another man.

The two are reported to have been enjoying some good time when the lady crashed through a glass table, tearing open her chest and arms.

According to paramedic reports, the two were trying some dangerous positions as the woman rested on a black glass table.

The pair, who have not been identified, according to emergency services.

Pictures taken at the scene show the girl lying on a blood-soaked bed while the man appears to be using his phone.

Volunteer paramedic, Thuanthong Nattapol, said he released the images to warn people of the dangers of glass furniture.

‘The police and ambulance came and found a lot of blood and the girl was crying.

‘They had been trying a position like…dangerous technique that involved the glass coffee table.

“The glass broke and the woman was cut quite badly and screaming. The man had no other option but to call the ambulance and the police.”

‘He was quite embarrassed but had to stay until everything was sorted out. He had to send a few messages to explain why he was running late.’

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