Woman Dies after electrocution

Violet Shambetsa ,a  28-year old woman  from Lumino village, Kakamega county, was electrocuted while hanging clothes on a line that was attached to two power poles.She died on the spot when she suffered an electric shock.

The husband of the deceased, Manos Shambetsa, tried to rescue his wife but was also electrocuted in the process. Mr Shambetsa was rushed to hospital while unconscious where he is still receiving treatment.

“I didn’t know she had been electrocuted. I started cutting the cloth line only to be struck by electric waves. I later found myself in this hospital. While I thank God I am alive, I am sad that I lost my wife. It was a terrifying moment that I do not wish to recall,” Shambetsa said after regaining consciousness.

Likuyani OCPD Meshack Kiptum indicated that: “Violet’s husband rushed to save her but instead of switching off the power, he used a knife to cut the electric cable. That is when he also suffered electric shock”.

Mr Kiptum urged residents to be careful when handling electricity, adding that the incident occurred purely due to ignorance.