Local youth leaders from Madogo ward in Tana River County have condemned the impeachment of Tana River county assembly speaker Michael Nkaduda by the members of the county assembly.

Speaking at Madogo ward today led by Salim Abubakar, the youth alleged a political witch-hunt against the speaker from circles within the office of the governor.

“We are protesting the manner and the grounds in which the county assembly speaker was impeached. We will hold countywide demonstrations and move to court to oppose the unlawful removal from office of the county speaker,” said Abubakar

The youth accused the County Reps of neglecting their roles and instead engaging in petty politics while their citizens are suffering from poor roads, lack of water and unfinished projects.

“Our people do not have clean water. There are ECDE teachers claiming they have not been paid for five months and the MCAs have done nothing about it. They have also been trying to impeach the deputy governor. Let the MCAs concentrate on their mandates and stop politicking,” said Mohamed Dhado, a human right activist

The removal of Nkaduda was supported by 22 MCAs while two lawmakers, including Deputy Speaker Sadam Hussein, abstained from the vote during a sitting held in Hola on Wednesday.

Mikinduni MCA Mohammed Buya Yusa tabled the motion and read out the three charges during the tension-packed session.

Yusa said the speaker was not fit to chair any sitting claiming he disrespects MCAs who elected him. He claimed the speaker had failed to convene a meeting with MCAs to address concerns they have raised and has instead embarked on campaigns for the 2022 elections.

The mover of the motion said Nkaduda’s quest to vie for Tana River’s governorship has affected his judgment and should therefore be kicked-out.

“He has failed to address pertinent issues we have raised and is busy with 2022 campaigns. He cannot turn the office of the speaker into his campaign secretariat,” said Yusa.