Gachagua Praises Kindiki For Efforts Against Banditry, Illicit Brew

By Debra Rono

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has today come out to defend Interior CS Kithure Kindiki in the war against crime and illicit brew.

While speaking in a meeting on crime and illicit brew in Karen, Nairobi, Gachagua expressed that crime had been controlled and that Kenyans saw a peaceful Christmas last year.

“Admittedly, crime has been controlled to acceptable levels. For the first time in many years, Kenyans experienced peace last Christmas. I congratulate Interior CS Kithure Kindiki and the NPS for a job well done,” said Gachagua.

The deputy president added that crimes like gun violence and banditry in the areas of the north rift have been reduced terming it as “the guns have gone silent”. Mr. Gachagua further explained that 80% of crimes have been solved and the remaining 20% will be dealt with accordingly.

“Issues of robbery with violence, have been controlled, carjacking has been controlled, and even in banditry-prone areas of the North Rift there is sanity and the guns are silent, and to a large extent almost 80% we are successful and I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the president to tell our officers to thank you, the remaining 20 must be pursued relentlessly until we bring sanity to our country”, he said.

Gachagua’s sentiments come even as banditry in the North Rift region of Baringo and Samburu continues to escalate. A few days ago bandits raided the Lolmolog area in Samburu County and killed one person just a few kilometers away from where the burial of the late MCA Paul Leshimpiro was taking place, MCA Paul was killed by suspected bandits on the 25th of February this year.

In Baringo County residents of Yatya and Rormooch areas in the Saimo Soi ward, Baringo North sub-county have fled and moved over 20km away from their homes as a result of banditry attacks. This is even as schools resume session after mid-term break students in the region are uncertain of their fate as they cannot access their schools because of fear of another attack.

Leaders from Baringo and Samburu County have continued to call on CS Kindiki to increase security deployment to deal with the constant killing of locals in the regions.

This morning CS Kithure Kindiki met with leaders from Samburu County led by Governor Lati Lelelit at Haremebee Annexe to discuss how banditry can be dealt with.

”The Government regrets the recent escalation of violent attacks in parts of Samburu County and undertakes to respond strongly to dismantle the organized gangs of bandits terrorizing innocent citizens within Samburu and neighbouring Counties,” read a part of his Facebook post.