Maasai community bring rotian centre to a stand still after they were moving from one Olokurto Manyatta to rotian manyatta where they will stay there for two month to be trained how to have families and how to handle domestic issue and also how to maintain their culture.

Olemiliso Age group will now graduate to adulthood after they complete the two month in Rotian Manyatta and from then they will be no longer been morans since they reached the age of marrying off and they are trained on how to have their own families.
According to Amos Etikani  Chief olemiliso Age group say they have been trained more about the culture since the age set group was established 2010 and the age group will end been morans on April and they have been trained good culture and they have been urged some retrogressive culture they will keep off and say they will continue maintain the culture and been the chief he will make sure his age group maintain discipline.
Leaders who attended MCA ololorpil ward, John muruguiya, Nkareta MCA James kiok,  and former Oloposimorum MCA Wilson Masikonde say they value culture and they will make sure they support those still maintain the culture saying this culture is been considered one of the best culture since this young morans are been advised on how to have families and how to maintain them and this make the county has a discipline people since they stay in Manyatta to be given good advice and on how to handle people within the society.
Leaders also say they thank president Uhuru Kenyatta for allowing them to continue with their culture since they stopped this event during to covid 19 and through a good discussion of maasai elders and president he allowed them to continue but make sure they follow covid 19 protocol. They aslo promise Uhuru Kenyatta they will support BBI and they will make sure it pass in narok county assembly Say Nkareta MCA kiok.